Marco Sajeva

Who Am I?

Welcome to my website, I am Marco Sajeva.
I am 22 years old, studying Computer Engineering and preparing for the world of work, although I have already been working as an independent mobile developer for 4 years, there is much more than that, in fact in my spare time I like to do so many different things.
I organize my evenings with various activities, of course, I never fail to go out with my friends having a beer or maybe go dancing, that's it, one of my passions is just dancing, not that I am good at it, but I still enjoy it.​ Fortunately for me, I hardly feel embarrassed.
Another thing I do regularly watches soccer matches, but I don't limit myself to just watching sports, and even if I don't do it regularly I enjoy playing tennis, ping pong, or paddling.
Another of my greatest passions is taking pictures, in this regard, you will find a section dedicated only to my shots. Then recently started to learn a little bit of 2D graphic design, which I am enjoying, but I still have to learn a lot.
I would add that I really enjoy watching TV series and movies and especially enjoy analyzing them, talking about them, and making my judgment with my friends, but I am usually not critical.

My goal is to learn and gain new knowledge and skills

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My Developer Page

A few years ago, starting from scratch and relying only on my skills, I decided to learn how to program android applications and quickly achieved excellent results.
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Brawl Calculator

My First App

 Over 270k download

This app is a useful tool for players of the popular smartphone game Brawl Stars.
Created just for learning, it has been a huge success despite the many mistakes made that have allowed me to achieve a very good level of experience and skill not only regarding the creation but also in the management of an app!

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Balance Weight

My First Game

 4.9 stars

In this mini-game, ​your skills in maintaining balance will be tried out.
I made this game, to test my skills ​in​ creating something that could entertain my users. Everyone who tried it, including some of my friends, got lost in its simplicity even for several hours. This gave me a way to ascertain that the basic idea is very good. I'm still working on it!

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Forge Calculator

My Last App

1,2k users per week

This app is a great tool that allows players of Forge of Empires to simplify some dynamics and improve the game's overall experience. By making this app, I was able to see the actual results of what I had learned by making the first. ​This is the app that I am most proud of so far, especially for its continuity over time, and the way of working that I have employed. I have seen the difference!

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In the past two years, during the pandemic, ​​I became more dedicated to studying so that I could improve my skills and abilities. I learned so much and now I want to start again and make something new also to challenge myself. So keep following me... you won't regret it!

My Reviews From 

4.1  AVG​​.

"Very nice game, congratulations to the developer​!"

L. V.

"I can't believe it...guys this person is one and he created something great! Guys, it works, it's not hacks/ glitches/ tricks, it's the truth [...] I would give infinite stars if it could be done, kudos to the creator of the app...."


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D. M.

"The application is great and the advice you make makes sense keep it up"

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"Very useful app for figuring out how much to donate for various positions... The inventor of this app deserves a big thank you"

L. M.

"I am very happy for this app. I am a diehard fan of brawl stars, honestly looking at the reviews I noticed that even if you have commitments you update and reply to many comments. 5 stars to this app doesn't take away from it."

F. F.

"Very interesting app, thank you very much!!! Thank you!"


I also love Photography

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